Message from FunZone

A parent always wants what’s best for their child, including finding ways to entertain, stimulate and educate them. As parents, we feel strongly that there are not enough quality facilities and open spaces in Hong Kong for families to play with their children and promote fun, healthy exercise in a clean, safe environment, and so we welcome you to our custom playground along with:

  • Unique BallisticZone
  • Climbing Lighthouse
  • Art Corner
  • ToddlerZone (for toddlers below 3 years of age)
  • FunGroups playgroup programs

At FunZone we’re committed to providing just this environment, where children can learn the value of exercise and playing well with others on our custom playground equipment or through our FunGroups playgroup programs. We have also installed the unparalleled IQAir air purification system throughout the facility because your children’s health is top priority (in fact, we believe in and love this system so much that we are now IQAir distributors, ask our staff if you’d like one for your own home). We hope you’ll enjoy our facilities!