DIY Easter Bunny Bag Using Paper Plates

Making crafts with our children is a big part of the Easter tradition in our household. . It  is an easy to make “Easter Bunny Bag” which you can use it to store lots and lots of eggs. Begin early to prepare for Easter: get inspired, collect a lot of DIY Easter ideas and get to work

What you’ll need: 

three paper plates,a pair of scissors, cotton wool, colorful ribbon, a stapler and different items to decorate the bunny face.

How to make it:

1.Start by drawing a crescent shape like a moon. You will need a plastic plate as a template.

2.Make sure that the drawing is approx 1 / 3 of the second plate. Holding two plates together cut using the pair of scissor the bunny years.

3. Using the stapler, staple the bunny ears to a complete paper plate. Make sure you add the year to the top of the plate. The back of the round plate must be facing outwards.

4. Use different items to decorate your bunny: you can use for the years pink paper, for the nose pom pom’s, black marker to make the eyes. Just put your imagination to work and make the cutest bunny ever.

5. Also, using the stapler and the off-cuts form the bunny years staple on the back of the cute bunny the off-cut facing inwards.

6. Using the colorful ribbon make the bunny bag handle and you are all done.

Now all you have to do is to add the eggs. Enjoy!!!