Party Rules and Regulations





• Full payment is required to confirm the booking. In case of cancellation, only 50% of the payment will be refunded.

• For any unforeseen circumstances, upgrades or rescheduling will be subjected to availability. However, there is no arrangement for downgrade once payment has been made.

• Funzone offers a wide range of entertainers. Having outside entertainer is subject to a penalty fee of HKD500 and will be counted as attending adult.



• A two (2) hours use of party area and will be available 15 minutes prior to your booking.

• All guests are entitled to a whole day free play.

• Celebrant and family are subject to charges.

• Number of guests in excess of the booked attendees either child or adult will be charged accordingly.

• Guest list must be submitted 3 days before the party. Funzone could not guarantee accommodation of attendee(s) that exceeds the maximum capacity of the premises.

• All guests are required to wear socks within the premises. Socks are available at the reception for a fee.

• Funzone is a safe and a child-friendly facility. However, accidents are inevitable. The accompanying adult is to take full responsibility of their child’s safety. Funzone will not be held liable for any accidents or injuries incurred within the premises.


• Funzone will provide 1 personalized in-house party banner for every booking.

• Banner photo must be submitted on or before the photo deadline. Photo must be in JPEG format and at least 1MB in size. Failure to submit the photo within the deadline will result to forfeiture of the free party banner.



• Cake, food and drinks (as not included in the party package).

• Fuzone will provide party supplies limited to plates, cups, napkins and cutlery for child attendees only. Party supplies for adult guests are to be arranged by the organizer. In case you opt to use your own party supplies, it must be dropped off a day before the party.



• Alcoholic drinks are not allowed.

• Pets are not permitted in the premises.

• No piñatas and confetti are allowed. No decorations are to be pasted onto the walls. Such violation will be fined HKD500.

• Machines such as cotton candy, popcorn, waffle maker or any food-related equipment and open flame devices are strictly prohibited.

• Use of firework candles is also prohibited. Only ordinary birthday candles are allowed to be used for cakes.



• There will be a clean-up fee of HKD150. A minimum order of HKD1500 to waive the fee.

• Food servers in the party will be considered as attending adults for outside caterers.

• Remaining balance and additional charges must be paid before the party booking ends.

• Presents are not to be opened at the facility.

• All guests must be informed of these rules and regulation to avoid disappointments on the party day.

• Funzone reserves the right of final decision and interpretation in the case of any dispute.