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 Learn Ballet or Jazz dance with high quality dance instructors who know how to get kids excited about dance and make it fun!

2-3 yr olds Ballet on Mon 3:15-4:00pm 

3-5 yr olds: Ballet Mon 4:00-4:15pm

3-5 yr olds: Ballet  Mon 4:45-5:30pm

FEES: $320 Drop-in class; Term pricing: $2240  for 8 classes ($280/class) – Sep 5- Oct 31(Mon), Sep 2 – Feb 28 (Fri) then stay and play for FREE at FunZone after class!

To Enroll: Contact or call +852-6608-6689, or!   



Minisport pic for web

We are delighted to offer Minisport’s exciting, action packed classes tailored to young children filled with games to develop their coordination and gross motor skills.

Headstart  (1.5-2.5yrs): 10am-11am  /

MiniTots (2.5-3.5yrs): 11am-12:00pm 

Then play for FREE at FunZone afterwards!

FEE: $1,600 for 8 classes. 

ENROLL: Sign up and get pricing information directly at Minisport!




Curiosity offers practical and fun filled science experiment classes to foster the habit of observing and exploring !                       
These classes would be a platform for our little scientists to keep the thinking cap on and be inquisitive as to why somethings happen and how ! 
Children would learn and explore scientific principles through various hands on experiments, games, discussing and analyzing recordings and understanding practical application of the scientific principle around us ! 

Classes : 

Monday: 9.45 am – 10.30 am (3-5 yr old)
Monday: 10.45 am -11.30 am (3-5 yrs old)
Tuesday: 3.00-4.00 pm (3-5 yr old)
Tuesday :4.00-5.00 pm (1.5-3 year old)
Tuesday :5.00-6.00 pm (1.5-3 year old)
Fees: 1600 HKD for 8 classes (stay and play for FREE at Fun Zone after the class).
To enrol contact: or visit us at,or



Unleash your child’s creativity with painting lessons in an inspiring and a nurturing atmosphere! Children will have fun drawing, painting and letting their imagination run free.284869_101414566675377_1154453284_n

Our lessons are designed to give kids a central idea to start from and the room to take this idea as far as their inspiration, little fingers and loads of paint will take them. You can learn more about our classes and view some of our students’ work at 

Toddler ( 18-36 months) 10:00 – 10:45 am

Kindy (3-5 years old) 11:00 – 12:00pm

Primary (5-11 years old) 4:15 – 5:15 pmKindy (3-5 years old) 3:00 – 4:00 pm

FEES: $2,200 package of 7  (stay and play for FREE at FunZone after class!).  

 To Enroll: Contact or!


What are the rules for enrollment?

Enrollment varies with each program and terms & conditions are based on the program itself.

What happens if your child misses a class?
Absences not made up during a session cannot be used to offset the tuition fee. Out of consideration for others, if your child is ill, shows any signs of illness or if they have a rash of any kind, please inform us.

What do you need to remember?
We shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage to any person or property in or on the premises. All class schedules, pricing, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notification.

RUGBEES (45 min classes, Wednesdays & Thursdays)


RugBees adopts a ‘Play & Learn’ ethos, where children are taught key motor skills geared towards rugby principals such as catching, kicking, balance, co-ordination, team work and most importantly fun.

TinyBees class (walking to 2yrs old, max 3yrs): Wed 4pm

ToddlerBees class (3-4yrs old, max 5yrs): Wed 5pm

FEES: $3,420 for 14 weeks + new students only:$250 registration fee (includes training top, shorts, socks and activity book)

To Enroll: Contact or call +852-2117-3055, or by clicking here