Janelle & Jayden’s Party

Thank you for your staff’s arrangment for Janelle and Jayden’s birthday party in FunZone. Our kids and their friends enjoy it very much.

Best regards….Wilson

Alex & Aaron’s Party

Thank you for your arrangement and staff’s cooperation, all our guest had much joyful time on that day.


Monty’s Party

Just wanted to let you know that the party last Friday was a huge success and we had a fabulous experience with Funzone and all the Funzone staff.  So thank you for a great party and for making my life easy!  We will be back next year.

Jake’s Party

Just wanted to thank your team for helping make Jake’s party fun this morning.



Keshav’s Party

Hello everyone,

Thanks for making it such a wonderful experience for us. Your staff are helpful, friendly and handle stress really well.

Suhaini Delion-Anuar

Silas’ Party

Dear Funzone,

Many thanks to you and the Funzone team for helping us with Silas’ birthday party!

Thank you!!

Merry Christmas!!

Best regards,

Silas, Pye & Alex

Vihaan’s Party

Thank you so much, we had a wonderful party at Funzone. The staff were very helpful.  Hope to have more parties at funzone. Thanks again. 



Jamie Watt’s Party

Hi everyone! Thanks so much for your help with Jamie’s party today. He and his guests had a great time! -

Vania Cheng

Una Agnew’s Party

Just a big thank you to you and your staff for your help with my daughter’s birthday party on Saturday. She had a great time and the staff were lovely and helpful.  Made it easy for us…..Lisa


Charissa’s Party

Dear all,

 I was not there but I wanted to say thanks for all the arrangement.  I am sure the kids had fun.

 Thanks again,