Admission fee includes one adult entry per child. Please note we only accept CASH or EPS.

Child – Weekday HKD 80
Member – Weekday HKD 75
Happy Hour Weekday (5-7pm) HKD 50
Child – Weekend (Sat, Sun), Public & School Holidays ** HKD 120
Member – Weekend (Sat, Sun), Public & School Holidays ** HKD 110
Happy Hour Weekend,  Public & School Holidays ** HKD 80
Extra Adult (any day) HKD 60
Babies 6-12 months HKD 60

**School holidays include: Jan 1 ,2018、Feb14-Feb22,2018、 March 30-April9,2018  、May 1&22, 2018 、June 18,2018 、  July 2&11-Aug 31,2018、Step 25,2018 、Oct 1&17,2018 、Dec 16,2018 – Jan 1,2019

.Free admission for babies under 6 months as long as they enter with a paying child. Otherwise, full entrance fee is payable. MONTHLY PASS If you are a regular visitor, you can come and play for as little as $20 per day if you buy a monthly pass: $500 (Mon to Fri excluding public & school holidays) $700 (Every day pass including public & school holidays) ANNUAL PASS $2500 (Valid for ONE child and TWOfree adult) $5000 (Valid for THREE children and SIX free adult)